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Located in Heart of New Orleans Nola Loft Recording Studios was built to give singers, musicians, songwriters and filmmakers access to fluent engineers and brokers running the very best sounding equipment ever made, but for a fraction of the price of super studios. We help people produce projects from concept through recording, mastering and marketing. We have a large library of samples and sound effects for film and video work , voiceovers, and soundtrack scoring. As wells as the marketing techniques to get you there.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Nola Loft and what we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 504.468.4600 or via our online web form here.

In the meantime, we’ve also prepared some of our most frequently asked questions below to help you get the most out of your studio experience.
Owned and operated by producer/mixer/engineer Darrian Rivers “TotalD” along with wife powerhouse music broker marketing engineer mastermind no non-sense Lisa Luciano “Flow”. Nola Loft makes it easy and affordable for any singer to become a viable recording artist. By using established industry professionals and cutting edge technology, we produce radio ready, high quality music demos and masters at affordable rates. Nola Loft also provides professional photography services, music promotion and marketing, worldwide online distribution and professional guidance to help propel a singer’s or bands career to the next level.  Nola Loft SING Mastering was designed from the ground up as a no-compromise mastering facility. High-end custom equipment and rooms based on the most perfectly optimized acoustical ratios. The main suite is an enormous 25+ foot long room to allow the most natural and precise sonic environment possible allowing us to make the decisions necessary to make your music sound its best. spacious rooms with 18-foot ceilings that give musical performances a rich sonic depth, fill out our large live room which sounds equally explosive for drums, acoustic or electric guitar, upright bass or vocals.

Our layout is especially useful for full band or full rhythm-section recordings, when artists are interested in capturing the energy of a live performance without sacrificing the control and separation of modern studio techniques.  If the band or producer needs isolation, a large iso-booth for guitar and bass amps makes for an easy way to keep the various mics well-protected from bleed.  Bring the vocalist into the control room and you can try for full-band takes and still fix mistakes after the fact.  Or bring everyone into the live room at once and give your record that perfectly-blended character.
Nola Loft is a top-notch recording facility with an approachable vibe and character to make you feel at home.  Come make something great with us.

For bookings please write info@evolvedesignllc.com or call (504) 684-4600.
4 hour minimum for first-time bookings.  Special full-day lockout and weekly rates available.

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TotalD or A Kid Named “D” started in the 1990’s at the infamous Power Play Studios. It is here where he got his initial break as an assistant engineer on the Large Professor produced remix of Nas’s “It Aint Hard To Tell.” After getting behind the main chair, TotalD was back and forth between Power Play and Unique Studios as a staff engineer on both rosters.
Although HipHop has been his first love, he’s ventured into all genres including R&B, pop, jazz, rock, reggae, gospel, broadway, and even opera. Mixing is his specialty as “D” enjoys moving at his own pace to guarantee quality. He has mixed for the likes of Notorious BIG, Korn, Ice Cube, Phil Collins, Chante Moore, Rakim, Sizzla, Slick Rick, Foxy Brown, City High, etc. TotalD has come close to the prize with Grammy nominations for mixes for Big Punisher and Fantasia.



Pro Tools 10/11 HD Native with 32 in / 32 out total
Burl B80 Mothership AD/DA with 16 in / 16 out
Avid HD Analog AD/DA with 16 in / 16 out

Otari MTR-12 ½” 4-track (Vintage, early 80’s)
Fulltone Tube Tape Echo (Echoplex-type)

Toft ATB 32 (Trident type)

DynAudio BM15a’s
Yamaha HS-80m’s
Avantone active mixcube

Hear Technologies Hearback personal monitor mixer system with 6 stations

TUBE Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics
Bock 251
Soundelux U95
Audio-Technica 4060

FET Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics
Neumann TLM67
2x Michael Joly-modded Rode NT1 with K47 capsule
2x Audio-Technica 4033
CAD e200

FET Small Diaphragm Condenser Mics
2x Neumann KM184
2x Audio-Technica 4051
2x Michael Joly-modded Oktava MK12
Groove Tubes GT Convertible
2x Avenson Audio STO Omni Pressure Mic

Sennheiser e602 Kick Drum Mic
Sennheiser e609
Sennheiser MD441
4x Sennheiser MD421
Revox 3500 (Similar to Beyer M201)
3x SM57
Original American-made Shure SM7 (Vintage)
Newer Shure SM7a
2x Electro-Voice RE11 (Vintage)
Electro-Voice RE20
2x Electrovoice 635a (Vintage)
2x Placid Audio Copperphone
Placid Audio Resonator

2x Coles 4038
2x Royer R121
AEA R88 Mk II Blumlein / Mid-Side stereo microphone
2x Beyer M260 (Vintage)

Shure Beta 91
Crown 6D

Pye 842678 Compressor/Limiter (Vintage, early 60’s, serial #41)
2x Neve 34628 (Fully discrete 33609 formatted for a console) (Vintage, late 70’s)
2x SSL FX G384 Bus Compressor (Vintage, 1991)
2x DBX 160 VU (Vintage, early 80’s)
DBX 165 Overeasy Compressor (Vintage, early 80’s)
2x Voce EVC-1 Optical Electron Valve Compressors, Serial #00 & #01 (Vintage, late 90’s)
2x Chandler TG1 Abbey Road Special Edition Compressor/Limiter
SpectraSonics 610 CompLimiter
Retro 176 Limiting Amplifier
Lisson-Grove R124 Limiter (EMI RS124 rebuild)
2x Distressor EL8-X with British Mod
Schmidlin Fed+ (Federal AM-864/U rebuild)
MNATS 1176 Blue Stripe / Rev. A
2x MNATS 1176 Black Face / Rev. D
Drip Electronics RCA BA6A rebuild tube compressor
2x Ridge Farm Boiler ultra-compressor (SSL Talkback rebuild)

2x Aengus 501 Fully Discrete Thumbwheel EQs (Vintage, early 70’s)
2x Sphere Eclipse 920 Inductor Thumbwheel EQs (Vintage, mid 70’s)
2x Sphere Eclipse 910 Inductor Thumbwheel EQs (Vintage, mid 70’s)
2x Manley Massive Passive inductor EQs
2x Manley Pultec EQP-1A
32x Toft

AKG BX10 Stereo Spring Reverb (Vintage, mid 80’s)

Roland Dimension D (Vintage, late 70’s)
Orban 536a De-Esser
Orban 245e Stereo Synthesizer
Little Labs IBP Pro
Palmer 8Ω Load Box
Standard Audio Level-Or (Shure Level-Loc Reissue)
Furman Punch 10 Sub-Harmonic Generator
Dolby 361 with “Stretch” mod (Vintage, from Ocean Way Studios)
4x Chandler Universal Mix Control

4x Vintage Neve 1272 racked by Brent Averill
2x Chandler TG2 Abbey Road Special Edition (another 2 channels available upon request)
Chandler TG Channel MkII Abbey Road Special Edition
4x API 312
API 512
2x Universal Audio 2108 (1108 FET preamp)
Universal Audio LA-610 Channel Strip
Universal Audio Twinfinity 710
Summit Audio preamp
Chameleon Preamp
8x FMR Audio RNP
32x Toft

1960’s Gibson
2008 American Standard Precision Bass
1990’s Fender Telecaster with Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90 pickups
1990’s American Standard Stratocaster

1970’s Alvarez 5056 “Tree of Life” Acoustic

1923 Steinway Model L Grand Piano

Hammond A-100 organ (Hammond B3 with extra features) with Leslie 122 two-speed rotating amplifier

Fender Rhodes Suitcase Mk 1
Rhodes Piano Bass
Wurlitzer 200a (available upon request)
Nord Electro 2
Fatar Fully Weighted 88-key MIDI Controller

1961 Ampeg B15n Bass Amplifier
1964 Fender Princeton Vibrato Blackface
1963 Ampeg Reverb-a-Rocket R-12-R
1968 Gretsch Fury 6166
1990’s Fender Deluxe Reverb
1990’s Vox AC30
1980’s Mesa/Boogie Subway Blues
1974 Fender Pro Reverb

DW TotalDtom kit (22″ kick, 14″ tom, 16″ tom)
Vintage Tama Superstar kit (24″ kick, 12″ tom, 16″ tom) (Vintage, early 80’s)
Ludwig Acrolite Snare (Vintage, late 70’s)
Gretsch New Classic Maple Snare
Pearl Chad Smith Signature Snare
Zildjian 18″ K TotalDtom Session Crash
Zildjian 16″ K TotalDtom Session Crash
Vintage Paiste 20″ Formula 602 Ride, 2335g
Zildjian 21″ A Avedis Ride, 2220g
Sabian Pro 16″ Crash
Sabian Pro 20″ Ride
Sabian Pro 14″ HiHats
Vintage Zildjian 12″ New Beat HiHats
2nd set Vintage Zildjian 12″ HiHats
Roc n Soc TotalDhioned Nitro Throne

1970’s Musitronics Mutron Phasor II (Vintage, mid 70’s)
Lovetone Meatball (Vintage, late 90’s)
SansAmp Classic Pedal (The one with the DIP switches)
Fulltone ’69 mkII Slight Return
Fulltone DejaVu Vibrolux-type
ZVex Box of Rock
Electro-Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe (Vintage, early 00’s)
Electro-Harmonix Microsynth (Vintage, early 00’s)
Electro-Harmonix Bass Balls
Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail
Metasonix TM7 Tube Distortion Generator

Plenty, including SoundToys, Slate Digital, Valhalla, Lexicon, Waves, McDSP, and many more

All AC power is balanced with an Equitech Son of Q toroidal transformer


Our team has worked with major artists, major record labels and established recording studios such as: 50 Cent, Rihanna, Busta Ryhmes, Eminem, Queen Latifah, EPMD, NAS, King Vega aka Handsom FKN Devil, Andrew Wisemen, Celestino, Naughty By Nature, Prince, DJ Honda, Cash Money, Mr. Cheeks, Fat Joe, Big Punn, Soul For Real, The Cult, Debra Harry, The Ramones, Guns and Roses, Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Geffen, Interscope, Warner , Electra, Atlantic, Booga Basement, Daddy’s House, and Def Jam to name a few.

With our experienced team behind you, you’ll have a genuine chance of success!

To book a session by the hour, day or week, please call us at (504) 468-4600 or email at info@evolvedesignllc.com.  All sessions include engineer.  First-time bookings have a 4-hour minimum.
We are also happy to offer a studio tour if you’d like to see our space for yourself, listen to some previous work, and meet in person.
Please write Flow at info@evolvedesignllc.com or call (504) 468-4600.

Thank you for contacting us for booking. Please call our studio line 504-326-0820, email us at info@evolvedesignllc.com or fill out this basic information and we will get in touch with you right away. Let us know if you would like to attend the session or send in your files for an unattended session and we will be happy to accommodate you either way.

Name (required)


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Artist Name

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How many songs do you need mastered?

Will you be attending the session?

Will you be manufacturing CD’s?

Will you be providing instrumentals, a cappella, TV tracks, or any other alternate versions of your main mixes?

If yes please tell us how many alternate mixes you would like mastered.

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