30 Oct

Interesting Numbers in the Trucking Industry

Interesting Numbers in the Trucking Industry Posted on October 31, 2017 by ultimate driver staffing• 0 Comments Dunkin’ Donuts has had a tagline for years that you’ve probably heard: “America runs on Dunkin’.” The company is selling the idea that coffee is fuel, and Americans need it to live. Well, that may be true in some […]

Keep Calm and Keep on Truckin'
23 Jun


Preventing Road Rage: Stay Calm And Keep Driving We have all gone hulk once or twice. Maybe it was for acceptable reasons and maybe it was a tragic overreaction to something. Either way, since birth people are taught to be in control of their own emotions because anger can be dangerous, especially when it enters […]

24 Feb

On a long Haul? Here’s How You Can Stay Alert

On a long Haul? Here’s How You Can Stay Alert Posted on July 21, 2017 by ultimatedrivers • 0 Comments Long haul truck drivers work many hours to reach their destinations, and the road can be a monotonous place after a while. Under those circumstances, it’s no surprise that battling tiredness can be a challenge. […]

23 Jan

Tesla Semi Truck

The Tesla Semi truck is a hulking and menacing hauler, with the presence of Darth Vader lurking from above when cast in the black hue, or more like an apparition in metallic silver-white. In other words: it’s exactly what we expect to see from Tesla, as it attempts to make a semi truck that lives […]